Special Thanks to: Dave, Emily and Amy, and L for their support of our kickstarter campaign.

And, thank you to Ed and Sam at Whitelines for this article they posted about us.


A lot to report

So, our kickstarter campaign is off to a great start! We’ve managed to raise $3,000 in the 1st 4 days! We are still a long way from our goal of $50,000, but we are very proud of what we’ve done so far. We’re confident that with the continued support of our friends, family, fans, and kickstarter supporters, we will continue to do well. We have already sold out of our $250 boards and one of our $300 boards. We are offering 14 more boards at the $300 price before the price goes up again. So, get one now, or you could end up paying more later.

We have a lot of wonderful contributors to thank: David N, Erika S, James, Joe B, Billy G, Jaclyn L, Daniel T, David G, Casey L, Stephen S, L Grampa, Travis M,  Chad A, Ashley S, David M

Thank you all so much for your support!


We now have a live campaign on!!! Everyone please go to and check out the awesome rewards we have for contributors!!!


Xero Degree Industries is now online! Check us out on facebook, follow us on twitter: @xerodegree, and keep checking back here for the latest news, photos, and updates!

Hello world!

We created this blog page to keep fans up to date with all of our latest information! We will be using wordpress to help keep you informed throughout our Kickstarter campaign. After the campaign we will use wordpress to help let you know how things have been going since the campaign, what we are doing with the money, and also when you can expect delivery of your rewards. Thanks for stopping. Please tell your friends and visit some of our other web pages at kickstarter, twitter, and facebook.