We created this blog page to keep fans up to date with all of our latest information! We will be using wordpress to help keep you informed throughout our Kickstarter campaign. After the campaign we will use wordpress to help let you know how things have been going since the campaign, what we are doing with the money, and also when you can expect delivery of your rewards. Thanks for stopping. Please tell your friends and visit some of our other web pages at kickstarter, twitter, and facebook.



About xerodegree

Xero Degree Industries is a small group of friends living in Las Vegas who hope to create new and unique snowboards. The project was founded by longtime friends and snowboarders Eric Pohto and Tyler Sherman and has been entirely funded through the contributions of friends and family. The concept was originally developed in Eric’s free time in the basement of his house in Cleveland, Ohio. Eric’s passion for his original design led him to seek Tyler as a partner and to relocate to Nevada. There, they felt the climate would be more conducive to manufacturing. Also, they would be closer to large snowboarding communities and local trade shows where they could showcase their design. The two have since been living and working in their shop while designing and prototyping these amazing boards. What we have designed is a snowboard that features LEDs which illuminate through the base layer and light up the snow under and around the board. Unlike other attempts at a similar product our board is not retro-fitted with the lights, but instead integrates them as part of the manufacturing process to prevent them from ruining the aesthetics of the designs or hindering the function of the boards. This makes for a more natural looking effect with more LEDs designed to work with, rather than against the graphics. We feel this also makes the electronic components of the boards more durable and less likely to fail than a board with exposed wires. We studied the process of creating snowboards with one of the industry’s most respected craftsmen, but feel it is our creative energy and passion for innovation that truly sets us apart. We see our snowboards as a combination of art and technology, the ultimate fusion of form and function. One of the key goals of this project is to make our illuminated boards perform as well as their non-illuminated counterparts being produced by other manufacturers. Our focus is to create the most visually striking snowboard possible without adversely affecting the performance; Art in motion. We feel that our hard work and dedication to this project is what is going to make it a success. We are not a giant company. We are not doing this for money. We have designed what we believe is an innovative product which people will enjoy and which could potentially help expand the snow sports community. We care so deeply about developing this project that for the past year, we have devoted all of our time, money, and effort to it. We have even turned our building into a shop/living space/office where we design and build all of our prototype boards by hand. What we are looking to do at this point is take the project out of the designing and prototyping stage and into the manufacturing phase. To do that we need to finalize graphics, purchase molds, and purchase materials and components, all of which have overhead costs. With the support of KS users, we will be able to see our dream of making snowboards realized. We will also be able to offer Kickstarter users a special opportunity to secure for themselves some of the first LED illuminated snowboards ever manufactured and at a huge discount to the anticipated retail price. So, we have decided to enlist the help of a Kickstarter campaign to bring our project to life.

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